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Once upon a time – Exhibition at Carpe Diem, Lisboa, 2013

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Erosion – Exhibition at Appleton Square, Lisbon, 2013

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An Ocean Between us – Transboavista, Plataforma Revolver, Lisbon, 2012

Black Flag

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Black Flag, 2010  screenprinting onto fabric , steel rods. Variable Dimensions

Black house

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Black House, 2009     Fabric, steel, lights, rope. Variable dimensions

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We r Family, 2010    Screenprinting on 6 coloured flags, steel rods, black stone, rope. Variable Dimensions

Paradise, 2009     Pink neon, light timer, room. Variable Dimensions

Street Fighter

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Battle for Europe

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Side Line

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Just do it

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States, 2007  screenprinting onto coloured fabric , steel rods. Variable Dimensions
wonders of the world
Wonders of the world, 2007   8  light boxes , Duratran . 65x 45cm
Comic Relief

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Kiss, 2006   Grafitty. Public art   4x5metres
Where r u From
Where r u from ?  2007-2010   Instalation . 10 digital prints, sound, headphones, microphone, mirror . Variable Dimensions
Road Lines

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Greater Europe
Great Europe Series, 2007-2010   Light boxes,  90x60cm
Changing Skins
Changing Skins, 2007  Ladies bag, monitor, video, snake skin . Variable Dimensions
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