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Start date: 19/02/2020
End date: 16/05/2020
Location: Arquivo Municipal de Lisboa | Fotográfico Rua da Palma, 246 | 1100-394 Lisboa

The current exhibition of the artist and researcher is part of the Post-Archive project, which involves the creation of a digital archive with documents, videos, audio and photography, gathered within the scope of her extensive research on the relationships established between migrations, associated with the decolonization and the African independence movements in the creation of the and Europe’s urban landscapes. At the same time, tales of Lisbon  marks the donation of the artist’s work archive, consisting of 239 raw images that depict informal neighborhoods on the former Military Road, to the Municipal Archive of Lisbon. Mónica de Miranda’s archive gathers images captured over more than a decade of research in the neighborhoods of Talude, Azinhaga dos Besouros, Fim do Mundo , Mira Loures, 6 de Maio and other neighborhoods located on the outskirts of the city.

The exhibition Tales of Lisbon arises from this visual archive created over a decade, but it  is much more than the photographic collection of these neighborhoods,” it is a polymorphic object, a continuation of that initial archive composed of photographs ”, describes curator Bruno Leitão in the text accompanying the project. The curator continues:  “The artist immerses herself in an inquisitive and humanizing process in these places and,
by fictionalizing these spaces, creates an exercise in empathy.
A possibility of emotionally recognizing a Lisbon outside the center, but that asserts itself inside ”. At the Lisbon Photographic Archive, Mónica de Miranda  presents a set of photography and video works, mostly new works such as Tales of Lisbon (2020), Timeline (2020) and Twin Towers (2020),  as well as the video Estrada Militar ( 2009), created in the initial phase of his research.

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