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Start date: 06/05/2023
End date: 06/07/2023
Location: Madrid, Spain

Sabrina Amrani Gallery
Calle Sallaberry 52
28019 Madrid

Opening date: 6th of May 2023

The sun does not rise in the north is an art project that aims to capture the intricate psyche
of the immigration system between Africa and Europe and the after fall of diaspora experiences in Europe.
The project refers to the irony of the dual metaphor of the sun standing as a search for pleasure and touristic leisure and on the other side being the light to flee poverty.

The narrative of the film is a critical process of historical de-construction and re-reading of the African and European experience and collective memory. Through the dialogues and monologues of the characters, which shape their portraits, the film reflects on the historical past of colonialism, the independence and liberation struggle in Africa against colonial forces. At the same time, the film reflects on the complex entanglements between historical time and deep time (which refers to the common history of the planet), bringing together human history with the material/natural dimension that grounds its existence, reflected in the landscapes separating Europe and Africa in the strait of Gibraltar.

In collaboration with Fourminds Films, LE18 – Marrakesh, and many others, the exhibition will be presented in April 2023 in Sabrina Amrani Gallery.

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