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Start date: 07/09/2022
End date: 29/10/2022
Location: Jahmek Contemporary Art

Caminho para as estrelas
By Mónica de Miranda
Curated by Paula Nascimento

“”Caminho para as estrelas” reflects the dialectical relationships between past, present and
future through creative engagement with historical traces to project and imagine new
futures. It presents a worldview that tends towards new ways of understanding human
subjectivity, advancing the necessary discussion around the relations between human
dimensions, such as language and politics, and the environment in which we live.”

– by Paula Nascimento

The film Path to the stars is produced by Geração 80, supported by The Calouste Gulbenkian
Foundation, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Jahmek Contemporary Art, Carlos Carvalho Arte
Contemporânea and Beyond Entropy. Music and composition by Xullaji

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