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Start date: 04/11/2022
End date: 29/01/2023
Location: Malaga, Spain

With works from “Shadows fall behind” (2022) series by Mónica de Miranda
Curated by Owanto

The first edition of OZANGÉ, directed by the Gabonese-born visual artist Owanto, will be
held in different venues in Malaga from November 4, 2022 to January 29, 2023 before
traveling to other cities in Spain, Ivory Coast and Morocco.
Following in the footsteps of the great photography festivals in Africa that have given
many artists international renown, the Biennial is not only an exhibition space with the
presentation of a selection of the works of current photographers from the continent and
the diaspora, but it is also conceived as a new space for this new generation of
photographers who are beginning their entry into the European art market.

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