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Start date: 09/09/2022
End date: 19/10/2022
Location: Camões - Centro Cultural Português em Luanda

Construir o tempo
By Monica de Miranda
Curated by Suzana Sousa

“The link between memory and geography plays an important role in Mónica de Miranda’s
work, drawing our attention to the process of memory construction and the way
geography is permeated by elements such as architecture or the affections. Evidencing the
concrete history of space and establishing a web of relationships and transits between the
particular and the public, the national and the transnational or collective memory and
intimate archive. In this web, memory, much less linear than history, is constructed from a
whisper, a lament after departure, a memory that is repeated so many times it becomes a
tale.” – by Suzana Sousa

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