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Start date: 08/04/2020
End date: 06/06/2021
All-day event
Location: Pavilhão Branco, Lisbo, Portugal

Collective Exposition in collaboration with and curated by Tobi Maier com Cecilia Vicuña, José de Almada Negreiros, Mónica de Miranda, Namsa Leuba, Nenad Bogdanović, Paula Rego, Sonia Delaunay among others. The exhibition Entretecido | Interlace presents and analyses the material properties of textiles in an attempt to create a leap beyond the immateria of l life online, whilst demonstrating some of the connections that exist between the realms of the digital and reality. Entretecido | Interlace attempts to address the ramiêcations of textile production of fashion, and architecture, as codiêcation or expression of identity politics or regional folklore.

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