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Start date: 14/06/2024
End date: 13/07/2024
Location: Sydney, Australia

For the first time, Mónica de Miranda’s work will be on display in Australia. The exhibition at Ames Yavus Gallery was curated by Ananya Mukhopadhyay.

MEMORY/MYTH is a program of films and video installations borne from distinct yet overlapping experiences of indigeneity, diaspora and the intersecting global legacies of colonialism. Through contemporary and historic works by a group of acclaimed international artists, Ames Yavuz presents a conversation between kindred spirits — authors united by their shared inheritance of landscapes and stories ravaged by the imperial project. The extensive lacunae in such histories are visited by these artists as sites for both mourning and discovery, while also being generative spaces for myth-making, fantasy and the curative contemplation of possible futures.

Highlight works in the program include Blinded by the very force it imagined it could handle, by celebrated photographer-filmmakers Donovan Wylie and Peter Mann, marking the first time the video installation will be shown outside of Ireland. Mónica de Miranda, a prominent Portuguese artist currently representing her nation at the Venice Biennale, will showcase The Island (A Ilha), commissioned by Autograph, London. 

Image credits: Mónica de Miranda, The Island (A Ilha), Film Still, 2022.

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