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Book by Monica de Miranda Collection of 6 books with photographs and critical texts by Mónica de Miranda, Gabriela Salgado, Carlos Garrido, Ana Nolasco, Ana Balona de Oliveira, and Emília Tavares.…

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The exhibition "Atlantic - Journey to the center of the earth" is the artist first  solo exhibition at Gallery Sabrina Amrani. Through the title we can infer two apparently contradictory…

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The exhibition takes its title from the Hotel Panorama in Luanda but also refers to the ownership and power implied by the construction of views of landscapes. The photographic work…

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12th Dak’Art

12th Dak'Art Dakar, Senegal 3 May -2 June 2016 Curator: Simon Njami The Theme of Dak'Art 2016 will be: "Contemporary African Art and Aesthetics of Translations" The Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Dakar, Senegal…

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