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Africa Art Museum The exhibition Europa Oxalá presents works by 21 European artists, all second of third generation. These artists, born and raised in a post-colonial context, reflect on their…

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Caminho para as estrelas

Caminho para as estrelas By Mónica de Miranda Curated by Paula Nascimento ""Caminho para as estrelas" reflects the dialectical relationships between past, present and future through creative engagement with…

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Future Archives

Future Archives By Mónica de Miranda Curated by Azu Nwagbogu Given the current global turn since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, it is essential to test our previous…

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Construir o tempo

Construir o tempo By Monica de Miranda Curated by Suzana Sousa "The link between memory and geography plays an important role in Mónica de Miranda's work, drawing our attention to…

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The Island

The Island By Monica de Miranda Curated by Renée Mussai and Mark Sealy The Island contemplates the complex experiences of Afrodiasporic lives and Europe’s colonial past. Fusing fact and fiction,…

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