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Start date: 02/01/2024
End date: 30/04/2024
Location: Ohio, USA


Path to the Stars revisits the legacy of anti-colonial resistance in Angola, inviting the audience on a journey through revolutionary history and the future. The title comes from a 1953 poem by Agostinho Neto, a freedom fighter and the former president of Angola. Over the course of a single day, from sunrise to sunset, viewers follow the path of a heroine as she navigates down Angola’s Kwanza River. She confronts various avatars of her past—and of Angola’s struggle for independence from Portugal—along the way.

Tricontinental Cinema explores Maldoror’s five-decade career as a filmmaker, tracing her involvement with Black liberation movements in France, Africa, and the Caribbean. Through an immersive, multisensory landscape of films, photographs, poetry, and letters, the exhibition invites you to experience the full scope of Maldoror’s practice.

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