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Start date: 16/05/2019
End date: 09/09/2019
Location: MAAT, Lisbon

Being part of the 13th edition of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award, Circular do Sul (South Circular) is a research, photography and video project that builds a narrative around the former Lisbon Military Road and reflects urbanism, immigration and decolonization processes.

The video develops a narrative between reality and fiction as a journey that traces, like an archaeological search, the landscape of the former Military Road of Lisbon. Built around the city in the 19th century, it rescues the memories of fragile and lost places in the peripheries of contemporary Lisbon.

This work was produced from a collaboration with social associations, residents of these neighborhoods , friends and family, artists and in collaboration with Teatro Griot and Sound design Soundslikenuno (Chullage).

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