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Start date: 26/09/2018
End date: 10/11/2018

26 SEPTEMBER 2018 / 10 NOVEMBER 2018
Individual exhibition curated by Cristiana Tejo

Tomorrow is another day is an expression that points from a present place to the future looking at the memories and the inheritances of the past, noticing the failures and absences of history and politics and pointing to a hopeful tomorrow, founded in re-imagination. The title of the exhibition also refers to the desire to make architecture that breaks canons in the post-independence moment on the African continent where architecture acquired the ability to awaken utopias and also implied a commitment to democracy, social freedom, producing places of inestimable value. It is, therefore, an attempt to reflect on the reconciliation between what already exists and what has never been and which may one day be something different, between the old and the new, between memory, history and dystopia and ideological utopia.

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