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Start date: 02/05/2024
End date: 02/06/2024
Location: Torino, Italy

“As if the world has no West” will premiere at Exposed Torino. The movie proposes the creation of new landscapes by investigating hidden, yet metaphysically present ecologies in Angola, deconstructing western understandings of memory, history, and land. The project enquires in the work of anthropologist Augusto Zita investigations in the Namibia desert, in which he devised a nature-oriented space/time system having light as a third dimension.

This work will bring forward this research , while deconstructing the understanding of land and looking at the land as a place of mutual care and liberation, As if the world had no west reveals nonwestern configurations of landscape.

EXPOSED is Turin’s new international festival of photography, which every year will bring temporary exhibitions, a specialised fair, educational activities, meetings, artistic commissions and off-site events centered around a theme to the Piedmontese capital in May. Promoted by the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, the Turin Chamber of Commerce, Intesa Sanpaolo, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT on behalf of Fondazione CRT and organised by Fondazione per la Cultura Torino, EXPOSED was created to strengthen the deep bond between Turin and photography.

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