Start date: 24/11/2017

End date: 31/01/2018

Location: Galeria Banco Economico, Luanda

Being Her(e) examines, confronts and contextualizes the historical and contemporary notions of what it means to be a female body. It questions preconceived ideas about womanhood as well as a reflection on the somehow elusive theme of identity and its representation. It is a reflection on the act of myth making in relation to the female body embodying and performing the concept of a woman and also referring to the female interiority in Africa and in the Diaspora.

Curators: Paula Nascimento and Violet Nantume

Artists: Stacey Gillian Abe (Uganda), Phoebe Boswell (Quénia), Euridice Kala (Moçambique), Lebohand Kganye (AS), Keyezua (Angola), Imaculate Mali (Uganda), Mónica de Miranda (Angola/Portugal), Nandipha Mtambo (AS), Zanelle Muholi (AS), Aida Muluneh (Etiópia),  Mimi Cherongo (Qénia), Zohra Opoku (Gana), Jessica Atieno (Quénia), Ana Silva (Angola)




Start date: 10/11/2017

End date: 12/11/2017

Location: Paris, France

Art & Design Fair

Gallery: Tyburn Gallery

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Start date: 03/11/2017

End date: 05/11/2017

Location: Torino, Italy

Contemporary Art Fair

Gallery: Sabrina Amrani

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Start date: 26/10/2017

End date: 29/10/2017

Location: Bogotá, Colombia


Start date: 05/10/2017

End date: 15/10/2017

Location: São Luis Teatro Municipal, Lisbon

The installation created by Monica de Miranda in collaboration with Teatro GRIOT accompanies the play Os Negros. It includes a photographic and video exhibition that abstractly uses the images inspired by the play. The work is a meta-theatrical construction between documentary and fictional narratives.


Start date: 05/10/2017

End date: 08/10/2017

Location: London, UK


Start date: 28/05/2017

End date: 10/06/2017

Location: Galerie Des Galeries, Paris


Start date: 25/05/2017

End date: 06/08/2017

Location: Pera Muezesi-Museum, Istanbul


Start date: 19/05/2017

End date: 13/07/2017

Location: Tyburn Gallery, London

The exhibition takes its title from the Hotel Panorama in Luanda but also refers to the ownership and power implied by the construction of views of landscapes. The photographic work shows the visions of the past and present of Angola as witnessed through its architectural geography: hotels, swimming pools and cinemas – mid-century modernist buildings which once served as monuments to colonial leisure, have been abandoned, repurposed, and are being silently reclaimed by the lush natural landscape. These urban spaces bear witness to the country’s troubled history of colonization, decolonization, civil war, gentrification and globalization.


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Start date: 19/05/2017

End date: 13/07/2017

Location: Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Madrid

The exhibition “Atlantic – Journey to the center of the earth” is the artist first  solo exhibition at Gallery Sabrina Amrani. Through the title we can infer two apparently contradictory planes, the first being the word that determines an immense and mutant geographic mass that is the Atlantic Ocean; and the second is the Journey to the Center of the Earth, a reference to Julius Verne’s utopian work that is close to her. However, the placement of the hyphen amplifies this transitory possibility which, although present in her work, is an aggregating element that expresses the multiplicity of senses in the reception of the same by the viewer, having as a structuring line the reference to two substances: water and earth which are opposed in their constitution. The second reason that leads her to this brief reflection is the duality between the ocean and the earth, a physical but simultaneously immaterial differentiation, an imaginary that goes back to the beginnings of humanity, and for this same reason metaphysic: between fluidity and solidity.


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