OZANGÉ – 1st Biennial of African Photography

Start date: 04/11/2022
End date: 29/01/2023
Location: Malaga, Spain

Future Archives
By Mónica de Miranda

With works from “Shadows fall behind” (2022) series by Mónica de Miranda
Curated by Owanto
The êrst edition of OZANGÉ, directed by the Gabonese-born visual artist Owanto, will be
held in diéerent venues in Malaga from November 4, 2022 to January 29, 2023 before
traveling to other cities in Spain, Ivory Coast and Morocco.
Following in the footsteps of the great photography festivals in Africa that have given
many artists international renown, the Biennial is not only an exhibition space with the
presentation of a selection of the works of current photographers from the continent and
the diaspora, but it is also conceived as a new space for this new generation of
photographers who are beginning their entry into the European art market.

Future Archives

Start date: 14/10/2022
End date: 12/11/2022
Location: RAMPA, Porto

Future Archives
By Mónica de Miranda
Curated by Azu Nwagbogu
Given the current global turn since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic, it is essential to
test our previous ideas produced in various previous art formats and explore its eìcacy in
raising possible questions about their relevance as archives for the future. Institutions are
complex and can be violent spaces. They normalise situations based on power dynamics
that are inherited and passed on from generation to generation. We investigate the
readiness for the current dystopian conditions to foster new ideas that aim to create
narratives that produce empathy, understanding and collaboration.

Fotofest – African Cosmologies Redux

Start date: 24/09/2022
End date: 06/11/2022
Location: Alta Arts, Houston, USA

African Cosmologies: Redux is an adaptation of the postponed FotoFest Biennial 2020
exhibition, African Cosmologies: Photography, Time, and the Other, featuring artists included in
the original iteration of that exhibition and complemented by a series of programs.
Curated by Mark Sealy, Director of the renowned London-based photographic art
institution Autograph ABP, African Cosmologies: Redux is a large-scale group exhibition that
examines the complex relationships between contemporary life in Africa, the African
diaspora, and global histories of colonialism, photography, and rights and representation.
The exhibition considers the history of photography as one closely tied to a colonial
project and Western image production, highlighting artists who confront and challenge this
shortsighted, albeit canonized lineage

Construir o tempo

Start date: 09/09/2022
End date: 19/10/2022
Location: Camões - Centro Cultural Português em Luanda

The link between memory and geography plays an important role in Mónica de Miranda’s
work, drawing our attention to the process of memory construction and the way
geography is permeated by elements such as architecture or the aéections. Evidencing the
concrete history of space and establishing a web of relationships and transits between the
particular and the public, the national and the transnational or collective memory and
intimate archive. In this web, memory, much less linear than history, is constructed from a
whisper, a lament after departure, a memory that is repeated so many times it becomes a
tale.” – by Suzana Sousa

Caminho para as estrelas

Start date: 07/09/2022
End date: 29/10/2022
Location: Jahmek Contemporary Art

Caminho para as estrelas
By Mónica de Miranda
Curated by Paula Nascimento
“”Caminho para as estrelas” reëects the dialectical relationships between past, present and
future through creative engagement with historical traces to project and imagine new
futures. It presents a worldview that tends towards new ways of understanding human
subjectivity, advancing the necessary discussion around the relations between human
dimensions, such as language and politics, and the environment in which we live.” – by
Paula Nascimento
The êlm Path to the stars is produced by Geração 80, supported by The Calouste Gulbenkian
Foundation, Sabrina Amrani Gallery, Jahmek Contemporary Art, Carlos Carvalho Arte
Contemporânea and Beyond Entropy. Music and composition by Xullaji


Start date: 21/07/2022
End date: 25/09/2022
Location: Galeria Municipal Avenida da India, Lisbon, Portugal

Exhibition curated by Azu Nwagbogu

The Island

Start date: 24/06/2022
End date: 22/10/2022
Location: Autograph, London, UK

Exhibition curated by Renée Mussai and Mark Sealy

The 12th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Arts
Path to the Stars

Start date: 11/06/2022
End date: 18/09/2022
Location: KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany

Exhibition curated by Kader Attia in collaboration with Ana Teixeira Pinto, Đỗ Tường Linh, Marie Helene Pereira, Noam Segal, and Rasha Salti.

no longer with the memory but with its future
Path to the Stars

Start date: 23/04/2022
End date: 29/05/2022
Location: Oratorio de S. Ludovico - Nuova Icona, Venice,Italy


Start date: 31/03/2022
End date: 04/06/2022
Location: Sabrina Amrani Gallery