Start date: 16/05/2019

End date: 09/09/2019

Location: MAAT, Lisbon


Being part of the 13th edition of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award, Circular do Sul (South Circular) is a research, photography and video project that builds a narrative around the former Lisbon Military Road and reflects urbanism, immigration and decolonization processes.

The video develops a narrative between reality and fiction as a journey that traces, like an archaeological search, the landscape of the former Military Road of Lisbon. Built around the city in the 19th century, it rescues the memories of fragile and lost places in the peripheries of contemporary Lisbon.

This work was produced from a collaboration with social associations, residents of these neighborhoods , friends and family, artists and in collaboration with Teatro Griot and Sound design Soundslikenuno (Chullage).

SOUTH CIRCULAR: EDP Foundation New Artists Award

Date: 15/05/2019

Location: MAAT, Lisbon, Portugal


The 13th edition of the EDP Foundation New Artists Award

Isabel Madureira Andrade, AnaMary Bilbao, Dealmeida Esilva, Mónica de Miranda, Henrique Pavão and Diana Policarpo are the six artists who make up this edition’s collective exhibition. Selected by Inês Grosso, Sara Antónia Matos and João Silvério, the exhibition curators, the finalists will present works created specifically for this exhibition project.

South Circular is the new project presented by the artist for this award and it is a research, photography and video project that builds a narrative around the former Lisbon Military Road and reflects issues related to urbanism, immigration and decolonization processes.

This project was developed in collaboration with the actors Binete Undonque, Gio Lourenço, Mauro Herminio, Monáxi, Tanya Araújo, Paulo Pascoal, Ricardo Mascarenhas, Té Macedo and Zia Soares and sound design with Chullage.

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Date: 01/11/2018


The series Botanical Gardens has been published here:

A selection of photographs with an essay The Land of no Melancholy written by Katherine Marianne Sirois in the Wrong Wrong issue ‘At Land’: More Info


Date: 01/11/2018


Military Road will be projected for Urban Photography, Agency and Change, Ana Balona’s intervention in BEYOND THE ENLIGHTENMENT: SEISMIC SHIFTS, URBAN IMAGERY symposium in Culturgest:


Start date: 01/11/2018

End date: 04/11/2018

Location: Torino



Sabrina Amrani presenting works by Joël Andrianomearisoa, Manal AlDowayan, Chant Avedissian, Babak Golkar, Waqas Khan, Mónica de Miranda and Jong Oh.

1-54 LONDON 2018

Start date: 04/10/2018

End date: 07/10/2018

Location: Somerset House


Contemporary African Art Fair TYBURN GALERY

1-54 London returned for its sixth edition at Somerset House between the 4-7 October 2018.
The fair welcomed 43 leading galleries from countries across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America, presenting over 130 artists from Africa and its diaspora. This edition was accompanied by a compelling series of Special Projects and FORUM, the fair’s talks programme, curated for the first time by writer and curator Ekow Eshun.

Tomorrow is Another Day

Start date: 26/09/2018

End date: 10/11/2018


26 SEPTEMBER 2018 / 10 NOVEMBER 2018
Individual exhibition curated by Cristiana Tejo

Tomorrow is another day is an expression that points from a present place to the future looking at the memories and the inheritances of the past, noticing the failures and absences of history and politics and pointing to a hopeful tomorrow, founded in re-imagination. The title of the exhibition also refers to the desire to make architecture that breaks canons in the post-independence moment on the African continent where architecture acquired the ability to awaken utopias and also implied a commitment to democracy, social freedom, producing places of inestimable value. It is, therefore, an attempt to reflect on the reconciliation between what already exists and what has never been and which may one day be something different, between the old and the new, between memory, history and dystopia and ideological utopia.


Start date: 17/05/2018

End date: 20/06/2018

Location: Cordoaria Nacional, Lisboa


Art Fair

Gallery: Carlos Carvalho Arte Contemporânea

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Start date: 23/03/2018

End date: 20/04/2018

Location: Luanda e Namibe, Angola




Start date: 21/02/2018

End date: 25/02/2018

Location: IFEMA, Madrid


Art Fair

Gallery: Sabrina Amrani

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